Comprehensive Eye Exams

During our Comprehensive Exams we perform many things including checking your prescription, testing the pressure of your eyes, and dilation of your eyes to check the internal ocular health.


Soft Contact Lens Fittings

We also fit soft contact lenses here as well. If you have astigmatism, need bifocal/monovision, or want color contacts, we may have something for you. Some of the brands we use here are Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba, and Coopervision. 


No Vision Insurance?

No problem. We accept cash, credit (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover), debit with credit logo, and flex Pay with credit logo are all welcome.


- Pricing: Comprehensive Eye Exam - $75

      Contact Lens Exams - $125 (Astigmatism, Color lens, Monovision)

      Office Visit - $50

      Foreign Body Removal(NOT CENTRALLY meaning within pupil area) - $100




We currently accept Spectera, Davis Vision, and Superior Vision. We also accept VSP if you have out of network benefits.


If you want to make an appointment?

Just give us a call at 925 313 0278 or send us an email. For email appointment request, we will confirm your request by telephone if you leave a number or by email. Last appointment is 45 minutes before closing.